Call for Papers

Hereby the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society announces the annual colloquium held in Berlin, 9 October 2014. We wish to gather early stage researchers (Ph.D. candidates and post-docs) from all disciplines in order to drive forward the discussion on topics in the field of Internet research. The colloquium provides a stage for new perspectives on current issues of Internet and society.

This year’s colloquium will consist of two thematically focused tracks. We cordially invite you to submit your research projects on one of the following two topics:

    In the near future, the price of a movie will be based to the size of the screen it is displayed on—at least according to Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation. Whether that will actually happen is unclear, but business models are indeed in flux as media switches to digital and user expectations adjust accordingly. In the ESRC we will talk about how audiovisual media (e.g. film, animation, games, television etc) can cope with these developments. Specifically, we want to explore how new business models develop and how they reflect the evolving behavior of users. What implications does this have on copyright legislation and data protection, and on the norms and regulations that emerge outside the legal realm? We consider this theme from a multidisciplinary perspective, and welcome contributions from the areas of media studies, law, social sciences and economics. This session will bring together experts in the relevant research and practical fields.
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    Privacy debates in the age of the Internet are prominent focal points of all the challenges arising from increased network connection, new data generation and collection techniques and conflicting cultural values. In the ESRC, we want to explore the governance of privacy works on a global scale. What are the global governance challenges of privacy? How is privacy understood and perceived in different fora and what does that mean for governing privacy? We welcome perspectives from all disciplines and from theoretical and empirical backgrounds to contribute to our debate on governance and privacy. During the session there will be very brief five-minute inputs by the authors of the papers and ample of room for discussion and the generation of new ideas.
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Participant Guidelines

You can apply for two types of participation at the colloquium:

Paper presentation

Please feel invited to submit theoretical, practical or experimental research work. We kindly ask you to follow these submission guidelines:

  • An abstract outlining the relevance of the topic, the research method and questions. Max. 300 words/1800 characters with spaces (possibly printed in the programme)
  • A short paper providing more detailed information about your research. 2 to max. 8 pages; File type: PDF
  • Short CV. Max. 2 pages; File type: PDF

Participation only

Please state, why you would like to join the discussion and briefly describe your research or working background:

  • A short statement outlining your personal motivation, your connection to the topic and your working background. Max. 300 words/1800 characters with spaces (possibly printed in the programme)
  • Optional: Articles or papers that may underline your motivation or tell us more about your background. More documents possible. Possible file types: PDF, PNG or JPG
  • Optional: Short CV. Max. 2 pages; File type: PDF

The submission process closes on 1 August 2014. Please note that you need to register in order to submit a proposal.

Background information:

  • The official language of the event is English
  • All paper submissions will be reviewed by 2 researchers,
  • A selection of submissions will be chosen for the workshops.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 1 Sep 14.